If you hate cleaning, you are not alone. It is much more fun to be out and about, playing with friends or just enjoying some relaxation time. While cleaning is a "necessary evil" for many people, there are things you can do to make your cleaning time shorter and more productive.

The cleaning tips on can help you make quick work of whatever cleaning you have to do. Check back often for the latest and greatest cleaning tips.


23 June 2016

Keep a squeegee in the shower so everyone can wipe it down when they are done (this will help prevent mildew). Steam helps to loosen build-up so why not clean while you're in there?

15 June 2016

Use carpet coffee stain removers. You can also try white vinegar. Heat the area with a hot, wet cloth, dab with vinegar, rinse, extract, and repeat. Dry the carpet well when you are done.

7 July 2016

For immediate air freshener in the bathroom place a fabric softener sheet in the wastepaper basket and/ or add a dab of fragrance on a light bulb. When the light is on, the heat releases the aroma.

3 Aug 2016

Put the shower curtain in the washing machine with 1 cup of white vinegar, 1/4 to 1/2 cup of your favorite liquid laundry detergent, and several old, light-colored towels. Fill the washer with warm water and run through a complete wash and rinse cycle. Remove from the washer and hang on the shower rod immediately.

24 May 2016

To keep your teapot functioning and looking its best, clean it by soaking it overnight in a solution of vinegar, baking soda, or denture tablets. Always remember to let it dry upside-down.

17 June 2016

When you have little or no notice that guests are coming over, you'll want the most embarrassing messes cleaned up first. The best way to be always ready for guests is to clean your bathroom on a regular basis. In reality, last minute cleaning can be done quickly and discreetly if you keep cleaning supplies under your bathroom sink.



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